Casey Bennetto

Fearless Voices 'Shouter'

Casey Bennetto is an award-winning writer, musician and radio broadcaster. He wrote the musical KEATING!, hosts the program Superfluity on Melbourne’s 3RRR, and has appeared in places as diverse as ABCTV’s Spicks and Specks, the Melbourne International Arts Festival and the Festival of Dangerous Ideas at Sydney Opera House.

Fearless Voices

It’s 37 years since, as a newspaper said, a song died on the streets of New York when John Lennon was shot down. Yet his songs are not dead: intense, sweet and angry, insightful and socially aware, they stay with us.

To mark his astonishing contributions, Liberty Victoria is hosting a unique Sunday afternoon event, FEARLESS VOICES, celebrating the richness of his works.

Tariro Mavondo

Fearless Voices Slam Poet

Tariro is a Melbourne/Naarm based artist who uses multiple disciplines to tell stories. Tariro sees art as a conversation and a dialogue her practice focuses on creativity as a facilitator of social change.

Tariro works as an actor on main stages with companies such as MTC (Jumpy), STC (Jumpy), Belvoir ( Baulkham Hills African Ladies Troupe), Bell Shakespeare (Players) and Red Stitch ( Belleville). 

Tariro also works on the Australian screen and has been an actor in an internationally award winning web-series, The Shakespeare Republic.

Soreti Kadir

Fearless Voices Slam Poet

Soreti is an Oromo poet, musician and community organiser currently based on un-ceded Kulin Nations land. 

Her artistry is a method of story and truth telling. Her performance style is riveting, leaving audiences in an abyss of empowerment and contemplation. What she speaks on evolves with her but is rooted in a focus on identity, justice, equity and freedom. 

She has performed her work all across Kulin Nation lands and in numerous other places across so-called Australia. 

Sukhjit Kaur Khalsa

Fearless Voices Slam Poet

Sukhjit Kaur Khalsa is a first generation Australian Sikh spoken word artist, educator, performer & human rights reformer based in Melbourne.

Sukhjit is passionate about diversity and the importance of visibility in the performing arts and inherently merges her advocacy background with the arts. Her work predominantly provokes conversations around Australian identity, feminism, cultural confusions, and the power of uncomfortable conversations. 

Waffle Irongirl

Fearless Voices Slam Poet

Waffle Irongirl was born with three given names in two languages.  All have been miss-spelt or mispronounced.  So she is obsessed with the names of things but can’t remember the names of people. Once upon a time, she accidentally attended a fiction class where she was astounded to be encouraged to make things up.  

Alan Missen Oration double passes give away!

#AlanMissenOration @MelbourneWritersFestival #MWF17

Liberty Victoria offers five double passes to this year’s #AlanMissenOration at #MWF17 with Nancy MacLean on Democracy in Chains. Offer runs this weekend, Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 August only.

Update on Sentencing Amendment (Sentencing Standards) Bill 2017

Liberty Victoria made a comprehensive submission in June 2017 on why the Sentencing Amendment (Sentencing Standards) Bill 2017 (Vic) is unnecessary and threatens to undermine the separation of powers. Unfortunately it appears that it will obtain bipartisan support.

Crimes Amendment (Ramming of Police Vehicles) Bill 2017

Liberty Victoria is opposed to the Crimes Amendment (Ramming of Police Vehicles) Bill 2017 (“the Bill”).

We note that the Bill has been introduced by the Coalition Opposition.

There is simply no need for the Bill. It forms part of the law and order auction leading up to the next State election.

Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment

We support the Commonwealth Government’s commitment to ratify the Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (OPCAT).

The Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006 (Vic) (the Charter) imposes human rights obligations on every public authority in Victoria.  Relevantly for present purposes, s 10 of the Charter provides that:

A person must not be—

(a) subjected to torture; or

(b) treated or punished in a cruel, inhuman or degrading way; or