Liberty Victoria

Victorian Council for Civil Liberties Inc

Phone: 03 9670 6422
Post: GPO Box 3161 Melbourne VIC 3001 Australia

The Liberty Victoria office is attended Mondays and Wednesdays. 

As a non-profit organisation with a limited budget, Liberty's role is to promote and educate towards the protection of civil liberties and human rights in a general sense and unfortunately cannot act as a representative on behalf of individuals or give direct legal advice. Given the limitations of our funding, Liberty is forced to confine its attention to certain specific issues and is not able to speak out and follow up all individual issues which come to its attention, as much as we might at times wish this was possible.



Libery Victoria's Rights Advocacy Project


Other law resources

Victoria Legal Aid
Lawyers and Legal services: Helping Victorians with their legal problems.
Justice Connect
Pro bono referrals for individuals and groups experiencing disadvantage (in Victoria and NSW).

Federation of Community Legal Centres Victoria
Providing free legal help to clients facing economic and social disadvantage.

Law Institute Victoria
Guidelines in choosing a lawyer and legal fact sheets.


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