Liberty Victoria's Rights Advocacy Project (RAP)

Rights Advocacy Project is a community of lawyers and activists working to advance human rights in Australia. We’re part of Liberty Victoria, one of Australia’s leading human rights organisations.

We work across a range of issues including equality, government accountability, refugee and asylum seeker rights and criminal justice reform. Find out about our recent work at our website and Facebook page.

Our Program

Each March, we take on around 18 volunteers to work on strategic law reform and advocacy projects over an 18–month period. The program launches with a full day of training on everything from the political process and campaign strategy to social media.

Volunteers are placed in one of three human rights-themed teams: Equality and Government Accountability, Refugees and Asylum Seekers and Criminal Justice Reform. These teams are supervised by two leading human rights experts and a member of the Steering Committee. As a team, they choose an issue to tackle and go about making change.  To find out more and how to apply keep an eye out on our webpage here

Since we launchedin 2013, we have made 39 contributions in the way of reports, articles, letters to ministers, videos, fact sheets, website resources, live events, consultations, submissions and our work has been mentioned in the second reading of Victoria's new spent convictions scheme bill which passed parliament in March.  Our work is, well… working! 

Our Steering Committee

The RAP program is run by volunteers for volunteers.  The steering committee facilitates the RAP program, and is in charge of recruitment, liaising with Liberty Victoria, monitoring team progress, and assisting with projects as needed.

Meet our current steering committee:

  • Emma Buckley Lennox - Chair
  • Rochelle Francis - Deputy Chair, Program Manager
  • Chris Chosich - Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator
  • Jackson Mcleod - Treasurer and Secutary
  • Sophie Weiner - Communications Coorindator
  • Alex Batsis -  Traning Coordinator, Criminal Law Advocacy Coordinator
  • Danny Zajad - Criminal Law Project Coordinator
  • Elizabeth Colliver - Refugee Advocacy Coordinator
  • Hannah Neven Gorr - Refugee Advocacy Coordinator
  • Sam Moorehead - Equality and Govenment Accountability Project Coordinator
  • Ruby Haynes - Equality and Govenment Accountability Advocacy Coordinator
  • Abby Doltan - Indigenous Justice Project Coordinator

Volunteer Testimonials

"Taking part in the Rights Advocacy Project has been more than just writing a law reform report. It has meant building a network and being a part of a community. It offers you the chance to connect with people in the community who care about the same issues as you and work collaboratively together inspire change on these matters. I could not recommend it more for people wanting to work in the human rights, social justice and advocacy space, I'd do it all again in a heartbeat!"

- Isabella Farrell-Hallegraeff, Refugee Team Volunteer

"It’s the best! I’ve made great friendships and professional connections and produced meaningful work at the end of it all. It gave a lot of meaning and purpose to my law degree and I’ve come out of it with practical research and advocacy experience."

 - Sioné Pemberton, Refugee Team Volunteer

Doing the RAP program changed the trajectory of my legal career. It connected me with a network of people who care deeply about making laws fairer for everyone. It taught me how to advocate and afforded me the opportunity to make real change.

  - Emma Buckley Lennox, Equality and Government Accountability Team Volunteer