Rights Group applauds court’s recognition of peaceful protests

All governments in Australia should heed the High Court’s decision upholding the right of peaceful protest, Liberty Victoria said today.

“The decision in favour of Bob Brown must give heart to those who legally dissent,” said Liberty president Jessie Taylor.

Harsh penalties have been introduced in NSW to stop protests against coal seam gas and mining, while similar laws in WA were only stopped by an election.

“Governments of any stripe are often tempted to ramp up laws to dampen legitimate protest,” Ms Taylor said.

Locking up 10-year-olds without trial barbaric, says human rights group

The revelation that under new laws 10-year-olds could be held without charge for a fortnight shows politicians are badly failing to defend freedom while claiming to uphold it.

In making this comment today, the president of the human rights group Liberty Victoria, Jessie Taylor, joined the Law Council of Australia and others in condemning this decision by federal, state and territory leaders.

Justice Minister Michael Keenan says police have no powers to act against an 11-year-old would-be terrorist. 

Increasing arrest times a danger: rights group

Australians should be shaken by the Federal Government’s use of the term executive detention, Liberty Victoria said today. 
The human rights group said the plan to hold suspects for a fortnight without charge plays into the hands of terror groups while being aimed at stopping them. 
“Such a curtailment of people’s hard-fought freedom is a big step down the wrong road,” said Liberty president Jessie Taylor. 

PM calls for national database of driver’s licence photos

The Federal Government and States have entered into an Inter-Government Agreement to set up a national database to hold driver's licence photographs and identity information. The database may be used to conduct surveillance using facial recognition technology at public places such as airports or sporting events. This is a significant erosion of our right to privacy. 

RAP: Chip in to update Myki Fines

In April 2016, Liberty Victoria's Rights Advocacy Project (RAP) launched www.mykifines.org.au, an i

Council's suspension of staff after monitoring movements via phone records created a storm of interest

Liberty's President, Jessie Taylor, made the following statement:

Roger Bergodaz


‘Gentelman ' Roger Bergodaz is a vastly experienced drummer & studio engineer who has performed with a vast array of local artists including Matt Walker, Sime Nugent & The Forefathers, Carl Panuzzo,  the Lost Ragas, and produced & engineered recordings for Suzanah Espie, Raised By Eagles, Tex Perkins, Wolfgramm Sisters, Joel Silbersher, The Dark Horses and more.

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At sixteen she left Melbourne and went to Germany, started a band and recorded her first demo. She returned to Melbourne, went to her local high school, and began to write more and more songs.