Liberty Victoria’s Rights Advocacy Project Calls for a Policy of Equality: Menstrual Leave and Flexible Working Arrangements for All

On Thursday 10 March 2022, Liberty Victoria’s Rights Advocacy Project (RAP) will launch its report, A Policy for Equality: Painful Periods as a Workplace Issue.  The Report shines a spotlight on the discriminatory and non-inclusive treatment of people who menstruate at work, and the social and economic advantages of changing the current approach.

The Report proposes reforms to the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) and provides policy templates to be implemented by individual organisations and public authorities. 

Liberty Victoria urges Parliament to reject a flawed and unjustified Migration Bill

The Morrison Government is seeking to re-introduce the Migration Amendment (Strengthening Character Test) Bill 2021 (Cth) (the Bill) — which has already been rejected by Parliament twice because it is unnecessary and will result in unfair outcomes for vulnerable people.

This Bill has been before Parliament for 1,200 days and a number of Parliamentary Inquiries have looked into the Bill and experts have overwhelmingly criticised the bill and recommended that it be rejected. The Senate did just that in October 2021 when it refused to pass the Bill.

Liberty Victoria Statement on Religious Discrimination Bill

Liberty Victoria calls on all members of Parliament to reject the Religious Discrimination Bill 2021 (Cth) (“the Bill”) in its current form to ensure that LGBTIQ people, and in particular vulnerable LGBTIQ kids, are not subjected to discrimination in education and other vital services.

Need to protect vulnerable children

Religious Discrimination Bill 2021

Liberty Victoria is opposed to discrimination on the basis of the attributes of religious belief and religious activity, just as on the basis of the other attributes protected under our laws, including the Equal Opportunity Act 2010 (Vic) (EOA). The Commonwealth Parliament would do well to follow the example of State and Territory laws in this field.


Liberty Victoria Comment on the Djokovic Case

The decision by the Hon Alex Hawke MP, the Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services and Multicultural Aff​airs, to cancel Mr Novak Djokovic’s visa and to deport him has drawn attention to Australia’s dysfunctional visa cancellation and detention regimes and to the troubling use of the Minister’s God-like personal powers.

Liberty Victoria has repeatedly warned about the dangers of such powers.[1]



Cultural Review of the Adult Custodial Corrections System


This submission focuses on stream 2 relating to people in custody as outlined in the terms of reference published in October 2021 .  It makes recommendations in relation to limiting the expansion of prisoner numbers, rehabilitation in prison, reintegration programs, controlled access to internet, prisoner's rights, health care, and ensuring adequate oversight of prisons.


Strengthening The Character Test Bill

Liberty Victoria strongly opposes the Bill and calls for an inquiry into the character
visa cancellation and refusal framework.
Our principal concerns with the Bill can be summarised as follows:
(1) No compelling case has been put forward by the Government to justify the
amendments. They do not achieve their intended purpose;
(2) The amendments set an arbitrary and inconsistent standard of ‘character’;
(3) The amendments, far from creating an objective standard, create
considerable uncertainty;


Lindy Smith

Volunteer Co-ordinator
Policy Committee