Liberty Victoria Members Week

Dear Members and Supporters of Liberty Victoria,

I’m pleased to say that this year we’re launching “Members Week”. Keep an eye out for quotes from current and former members of Liberty Victoria on the value of membership, including the below from Sister Brigid Arthur AO.

For those people who are already members of Liberty Victoria, thank you and if you can please spread the word. For those who support our work but have not joined (or if your membership has lapsed), please consider becoming a member of Australia’s oldest civil liberties organisation.  

The very disappointing result in the Referendum demonstrates the need for us to strengthen our organisation and improve our reach. We can only do that with your help.
This year we’ve spoken out on many issues, including giving evidence to the Commonwealth Parliament’s Inquiry into Australia’s Human Rights Framework on the need for a Federal Human Rights Act. Concerningly, the misinformation and scare campaigns during the Referendum may make the Federal Government hesitant to embark on this kind of legislative reform. We need to keep pressing the case for improvements that will protect and promote civil liberties and human rights and strengthen our democracy.

Other issues we’ve addressed this year include the use of lawyers as human sources, the need for bail reform, proposed sexual offence reform, the need to improve anti-vilification protections, and the need to protect patient autonomy and the right to privacy.

You can join us, or become a regular donor, or both!

For those who join us during membership week, I’m pleased to say that we’ll be providing a 10% discount on tickets to this year’s Voltaire Human Rights Awards at the Sofitel Melbourne on 10 November 2023. You can book here.

I know this is a difficult time with cost of living pressures and rising interest rates, but if you can please take the next step from supporting our work to joining us. We need your support.


Kind regards,

Michael Stanton
President, Liberty Victoria