Refugees and People Seeking Asylum

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There are currently over 50 people in immigration detention in Australia who have been found to be refugees but have received adverse security assessments from the Australian Security and...
January 18, 2012
Press Release
Dr Larry Stillman Public perception of refugees causes razor sharp public anxiety with every boat arrival. Yet after rigorous scrutiny by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees or Australia’s...
December 24, 2009
Liberty Victoria Updates
Asylum seekers are again the subject of much commentary and debate in Australia. As per our Media Release in April 2009, Liberty continues to urge the media and all politicians to take a measured,...
December 1, 2009
Liberty Victoria Updates
Torture is the intentional infliction of severe pain or suffering (of a physical or mental nature) on a person. The prohibition on torture arises from the need to protect the inherent dignity of the...
January 29, 2009