Refugees and People Seeking Asylum

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Young Liberty for Law Reform, a program of one of Australia’s leading civil liberties organisations, Liberty Victoria, released a report today shining a light on a dark corner of our democracy. The...
April 27, 2016
Press Release
Liberty Victoria has consistently raised concerns about the deleterious effect that offshore detention has on the human rights and well-being of asylum seekers, and of the Australian government’s...
April 8, 2016
Liberty Victoria would have preferred the opportunity to provide a more detailed submission but the time frame allowed for their provision was impossibly short. We hope that in future more time is...
March 4, 2016
Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has the chance to make good on his claim that he wants to  be the Minister who gets children out of detention, the human rights group, Liberty Victoria, said today....
February 4, 2016
Press Release
The Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC) received Terms of Reference on 19 May 2014. The ALRC released an Issues Paper and called for submissions on 10 December 2014. Submissions closed on 27...
October 18, 2015
‘Age determination’ is the process by which a person’s age is assessed. In the immigration context, it refers to the processes used by the country receiving asylum seekers to determine whether a...
September 14, 2015
  Legal funding for asylum seekers was drastically cut on 31 March 2014. Asylum seekers need lawyers. The refugee determination process in Australia is highly complex. It is extremely difficult for...
March 21, 2015
Liberty Victoria raises serious concerns about the human rights implications of Australia's new asylum seeker policy. President Jane Dixon SC said today: "Liberty is very concerned about how this...
July 25, 2013
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