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Liberty Victoria is essentially supportive of the reforms contained in the Bill. We note that there has been a significant expansion in the powers and activities of Australia’s national security and...
October 18, 2018
Joint Councils of Civil Liberties submission on the Identity-matching Services Bill 2018 and the Australian Passports Amendment (Identity-matching Services) Bill 2018 which will authorise the...
March 21, 2018
The portal that has been created does meet many privacy standards. The entry point stores minimal information – once the identity (ID) has been established only a token certifying that level of ID is...
March 7, 2018
"Liberty Victoria has also criticised the proposal, with president Jessie Taylor dismissing the proposal as “an irrational and expensive attempt to make political gain out of a highly emotive issue...
February 13, 2018
Liberty Victoria in the News
Liberty Victoria had the opportunity to consider the detailed submission by Future Wise and respectfully endorsed it and its recommendations. 
November 16, 2017
Liberty Victoria is one of 83 organisations and experts from 5 nations demanding “Five Eyes” respect strong encryption. On Friday 30 June 2017, 83 organisations and individuals from Australia, Canada...
October 24, 2017
Press Release
October 10, 2017
Liberty Victoria in the News
The Federal Government and States have entered into an Inter-Government Agreement to set up a national database to hold driver's licence photographs and identity information. The database may be used...
October 5, 2017
Liberty's President, Jessie Taylor, made the following statement: "If an employee is using a phone or other electronic device provided and paid for by their employer, then they must be aware that...
October 3, 2017
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