Give Asylum Seekers a Fair Go


Legal funding for asylum seekers was drastically cut on 31 March 2014.

Asylum seekers need lawyers. The refugee determination process in Australia is highly complex. It is extremely difficult for asylum seekers to navigate this process on their own because many come from non-English speaking backgrounds, face cultural barriers and may been affected by experiences of torture and trauma before arriving in Australia. Leaving highly vulnerable people unassisted increases the risk of an incorrect decision and sending a person back to harm.

A number of organisations in Australia provide free legal assistance to refugees. As a result of funding cuts, these organisations have seen demand for their services skyrocket and they are struggling to meet these demands. To commemorate the one year anniversary of these cuts, we have released a statement, endorsed by refugee organisations across Australia, to reinstate legal representation.

To support this crucial work and help give asylum seekers a fair go, please consider donating or volunteering to the below organisations:



Asylum Seeker Resource Centre – donate or volunteer

Refugee and Immigration Legal Centre – donate  or volunteer

South East Migration Advice Service - donate or volunteer



Australian Refugee Association: donate or volunteer



Refugee Advice & Casework Service - donate or volunteer

Immigration Advice and Rights Centre - donate or volunteer



Refugee and Immigration Legal Services - donate or volunteer



CASE for Refugees - donate or volunteer