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Liberty Victoria history book

Liberty Victoria is very pleased to announce the launch of a history book containing the works and inner workings of our organisation from 193

2012 - The year ahead

We thank all of our financial members and supporters, our hardworking volunteers and everyone who has spoken out and stood up for civil liberties throughout 2011.

May 2012

Liberty Victoria has a new Office Manager, Gillian Garner, who took over the role in February. We would like to thank Trish Cameron for all her hard work over 2 years with Liberty.

Parliamentary Inquiry into Clergy Sexual Abuse

Liberty Victoria has written to the Attorney General of Victoria expressing Liberty's concern with respect to the establishment and terms of reference set down for the Victorian Parliament’s inquir

Media Regulation in Australia

Liberty Victoria’s particular focus in the debate with respect to media regulation in Australia is concerned with the protection of civil liberties and in particular with the desirability of underp

Melbourne Writers Festival - Alan Missen Oration - 25 August 2012

Liberty Victoria was the proud sponsor of the Alan Missen Oration held on Saturday 25 August as part of the Melbourne Writers Festival