Liberty Victoria contributes to the development of public policy through the media. We weigh in on important debates about civil liberties and human rights and respond to important issues as they arise. Here we provide our media releases, published articles and links to articles about us.


Liberty Victoria has a wide range of policies on issues affecting human rights and access to justice.

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Right to life

The right to life is the most fundamental of all human rights. This right is based on the belief that every person has an essential right to live and a right not to be arbitrarily deprived of life. The concept of a right to life is central to human rights, but particularly relevant to the issues of capital punishment, euthanasia, self defence, abortion and war. Internationally, the right to life is enshrined in:


LIBERTY Victoria has a wide range of publications on civil liberties and human rights issues, including materials useful for students.


Liberty Victoria

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Liberty Victoria is one of Australia’s leading civil liberties organisations - working to defend and extend human rights and freedoms in Victoria since 1936.  

We do this on limited funds, with no support from Government​. We rely on a small part time office team, volunteers who do the work and the financial support of our members, donors and people who come along to our events.

Human rights and the rule of law

Liberty Victoria is dedicated to the protection, strengthening and promotion of civil liberties and human rights. These encompass a range of rights and entitlements that all should enjoy in a free and democratic society. They have emerged from centuries of struggle: a struggle which continues in many parts of the world and still breaks out sporadically here in Australia.

Right to liberty and freedom of movement

Along with the right to life, the right to liberty is one of the most fundamental human rights. The right to liberty is the right of all persons to freedom of their person – freedom of movement and freedom from arbitrary detention by others. Historically, the protection of individual liberty was one of the crowning achievements of the common law. The writ of habeas corpus is an ancient common law remedy designed to allow a person who is detained to challenge the lawfulness of their detention. Habeas corpus does not secure the release of a person held pursuant to a valid law.