Review of Sexual Offences

Submitted to the Victorian Department of Justice

Liberty Victoria's Rights Advocacy Project (RAP)

Rights Advocacy Project is a community of lawyers and activists working to advance human rights in Australia. We’re part of Liberty Victoria, one of Australia’s leading human rights organisations.

Amendments to the Racial Discrimination Act


Liberty Victoria today attacked new government proposals to dilute protections against racist speech.

Liberty President, Jane Dixon SC, said that ‘freedom of speech is a fundamental value in a pluralistic and democratic society. At the same time, however, international and common law recognizes that this freedom has limits’.

The Attorney-General, Senator George Brandis, has proposed that existing legal protections against insulting, offensive and humiliating speech based on race and ethnic origin should be repealed. 

Time to end the cruelty at Manus Island

The tragedy at Manus Island was foreseeable.

As observed by the Human Rights Law Centre, Australia has sent 1300 asylum seekers to Manus Island for ‘processing and resettlement’, but not one person has actually been processed and resettled. Asylum seekers have been left languishing in arbitrary detention in conditions the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and Amnesty International have described as being inhumane and a breach of international law.

Why knee-jerk politics for Julian Knight cuts across the rule of law

As the community contemplates the Victorian Government’s decision to, as Premier Denis Napthine puts it, have the Hoddle Street murderer Julian Knight “rot in jail”, it is worth looking at similar cases.

Settlement of racial profiling case bought by Flemington Kensington community legal centre

Liberty Victoria congratulates Flemington Kensington Legal Service, Arnold Bloch Leibler Law Firm and the barristers and legal team who worked on a pro-bono basis to take anti-discrimination proceedings in the Federal Court.

Liberty Victoria Statement on Report of Expert Panel on Asylum Seekers and Government Response

A strategic chasm lies at the heart of the Expert Panel’s report on asylum seekers.

By deciding to ship asylum seekers elsewhere, Australia is repudiating its responsibilities under the International Refugee Convention. That is, we are refusing to determine whether people who arrive here irregularly are nevertheless genuine refugees fleeing persecution in their own countries and therefore entitled to protection.