Annual General Meeting 2009

LIBERTY is holding its ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING - 5.30pm Monday 23 November at the Capitol Theatre, 113 Swanston Street, Melbourne.

Right to Housing

One example is the recent ruling by the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal, which held that a non-profit housing agency, Metro West Housing Services, is a "public authority" under section

Freedom of Information

In the case of McIntosh v Victoria Police [2009] VCAT Justice Bell held that the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Vic) should be interpreted consistently with section 15 of the Charter

Protection from torture and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment

A 19 year old women with cerebral palsy was left housebound and alone while the Government was acting particularly slowly in responding to her request for disability services.  Her advocate noticed

Equality before the Law

A 13 year old boy with Asperger Syndrome was ineligible to receive disability support services because the Victorian Department of Human Services did not consider Asperger Syndrome and other Autism

Asylum Seekers - Some FACTS

Asylum seekers are again the subject of much commentary and debate in Australia.

Human Rights ACT NOW!

The report of the National Human Rights Consultation Committee was
released on 8 October 2009, with 31 recommendations regarding how best