Criminal justice

'Swift and Certain’ Sentencing Of Family Violence Offenders In Victoria

Liberty Victoria is mindful of the profound, pervasive, often catastrophic impacts of family violence in Victoria, and the need to develop holistic and sustained strategies to prevent and reduce family violence. Our organisation’s core concern is maintaining a society in which people’s rights, freedoms and dignity are valued and protected.

Proposed Activities (Public Amenity and Security) Local Law 2017

In Liberty's view the City of Melbourne’s proposed Activities (Public Amenity and Security) Local Law 2017 (“Amending Laws”) are draconian in their nature and target some of the most vulnerable persons in our community.

Liberty Victoria has had the opportunity to read and consider the submissions of the Infringements Work Group (“IWG”).  We fully endorse those submissions which are consistent with the preservation of the human rights and civil liberties of persons in our community who suffer the misfortune of homelessness. (A link to this submission will be posted shortly.)

Bail Review

Liberty Victoria's submission to the Bail Review focuses on five topics related to the Bail Act 1977 (Vic):

  1. Who should make bail decisions?; 
  2. The construction of section 4 of the Bail Act; 
  3. The need for improved information-sharing;
  4. The need for bail support programs; and 
  5. The impact on indigenous accused persons.


Knee-jerk reforms risk further entrenching offending behavior in children

Public safety and the State budget will suffer as a result of harsh new measures by the Andrews Government, Liberty Victoria warned today.

Sentencing (Community Correction Order) and Other Acts Amendment Bill 2016 (Vic)

Liberty Victoria strongly opposes the Sentencing (Community Correction Order) and Other Acts Amendment Bill 2016 (Vic) (‘The Bill’). It is an unnecessary reform to the Community Correction Order (‘CCO’) regime that further entrenches mandatory sentencing in Victoria.