criminal investigation powers

Firearms Amendment Act 2018

Last week, the Victorian Parliament passed the Firearms Amendment Bill 2017 which contained a series of significant amendments to the Firearms Act 1986.

The aspect of the Bill of most concern to civil liberties and human rights is the introduction of Firearm Prohibition Orders.

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Reducing trauma and delay for witnesses and victims

Liberty Victoria supports the Supreme Court’s objective of minimising delay in the criminal justice system, particularly in the period between charge and the listing of trial.

However, Liberty’s view is that the Supreme Court’s current proposal will not be effective in reducing delays and may jeopardise the accused’s right to a fair trial.

Plan to turn protection officers into police condemned by rights group

Giving greater powers to Protection Service Officers is unnecessary, inappropriate and potentially harmful, Liberty Victoria warned today.

The president of the human rights group, Jessie Taylor, added, “This is particularly so where there is little evidence as to the effectiveness of Protection Service Officers (PSOs) in fulfilling their functions and insufficient data to assess whether or not they have any impact at all upon crime rates.”

Justice Legislation Amendment (Protective Services Officers and Other Matters) Bill 2017

Liberty Victoria is opposed to the proposed expansion of the powers of Protection Services Officers (PSOs) through the measures set out in the Justice Legislation Amendment (Protective Services Officers and Other Matters) Bill 2017.

Harsh law and order laws 'will not make us safe'

The Victorian Government’s new law and order moves smack of desperation and will make the community less safe, not more, Liberty Victoria said today.

Commenting on today’s announcement Liberty president Jessie Taylor said, “This comes from an ALP Government that doesn't want to be wedged on law and order coming into next year's election.”

Of course the Coalition will just push more and more extreme policies to look "tougher" than the Government.

“This is a race to the bottom.

Inquiry into Drug Law Reform

Liberty Victoria welcomes the opportunity to contribute to this timely inquiry. Clear evidence from other jurisdictions, the medical profession and respected human rights organisations demonstrates that drug reform is a health and human rights issue that demands immediate attention.  We believe that now is the time for a paradigm shift Victoria. 

Our submission is divided into three parts:

Proposed changes to Community Correction Orders will not make us safer

Liberty Victoria is very concerned about the Victorian Government’s announcement on proposed reforms to the Community Correction Order (‘CCO’) regime. The reforms should be strongly opposed.

The announcement reflects a fundamental misconception that by sentencing more persons to imprisonment Victorians will be made safer.

Corrections Amendment (No body-no parole) Bill 2016

Liberty Victoria opposes the Bill which proposes an amendment to the Corrections Act 1986 (Vic) (the Act) by insertion of a new provision that would, in effect, render a prisoner serving a prison sentence for murder, or conspiracy to commit murder, ineligible for parole unless the Adult Parole Board (the Board) is satisfied that the prisoner has ‘cooperated satisfactorily in the investigation of the offence to identify the location, or last known location, of the remains of the victim of the offence’.

Use of regulatory regimes in preventing the infiltration of organised crime into lawful occupations and industries

In October 2014 the Victorian Law Reform Commission (the Commission) was asked to examine and report on how the law can better prevent organised crime and criminal organisations from infiltrating occupations and industries.

Regulatory regimes include licensing, registration requirements and fit and proper person tests. 

The Commission reviewed various lawful occupations and industries in Victoria and elsewhere: