Harsh law and order laws 'will not make us safe'

The Victorian Government’s new law and order moves smack of desperation and will make the community less safe, not more, Liberty Victoria said today.

Commenting on today’s announcement Liberty president Jessie Taylor said, “This comes from an ALP Government that doesn't want to be wedged on law and order coming into next year's election.”

Of course the Coalition will just push more and more extreme policies to look "tougher" than the Government.

“This is a race to the bottom.

“We are eroding fundamental principles of our criminal justice system - the separation of powers, the presumption of innocence, and the focus on rehabilitation of youthful offenders.

“And to make things worse, all of this is based on a myth that more punitive laws make us safer.”

The soaring prison population costs over $2 billion a year and new prisons can’t be built fast enough to hold new inmates, while the crime rate is increasing, she said.

“Both sides of politics are wilfully ignoring the experiences of other jurisdictions where these approaches have failed. This might be sharp politics, but it's terrible policy, and it's making the community less safe.”