Press Release - Dylan Alcott Honoured with the Liberty Victoria Voltaire Human Rights Award

When Dylan Alcott gives presentations, he sometimes asks the question “What’s worse than being in a wheelchair?”

Then he flashes up a picture of someone wearing that often contentious form of footwear – crocs.

Dylan is probably best known as a Paralympic gold medallist and grand slam tennis champion.

He is also a passionate advocate for people with disabilities.

For Dylan, being in a wheelchair isn’t the worst thing that can happen to a person. Being hidden away and struggling for confidence and social inclusion probably is.

Liberty Victoria honours Bernard Collaery and Witness J with the Empty Chair Human Rights Award

The secret trials of lawyer Bernard Collaery and Witness J challenge one of the fundamental bases of our legal system: the requirement for open justice and accountability.

In recognition of these extraordinary events it is my privilege to announce Bernard Collaery and Witness J as joint winners of Liberty Victoria’s Empty Chair Award, and to invite you to hear from Bernard at the Voltaire Awards Webinar on Friday 24 July at 7pm.  

Liberty Victoria concerned about press freedom limits on exposing unlawful government conduct

Liberty Victoria is concerned by news that the Australian Federal Police has recommended that prosecutors consider laying charges against ABC journalist Dan Oakes. The recommended charges relate to Mr Oakes’ reporting on alleged war crimes by Australian soldiers in Afghanistan. It has never been suggested that the allegations are untrue or inaccurate. 

Dujuan Hoosan awarded the Liberty Victoria Young Voltaire Human Rights Award.


Liberty Victoria honours Dujuan Hoosan with the Young Voltaire Human Rights Award. Dujuan was chosen for his courage and determination in challenging governments to change the age they imprison children.

At the tender age of 12, Dujuan was the youngest person ever to address the Human Rights Council at the United Nations, where he asked global leaders to support Australia to raise the minimum age of criminal responsibility from 10 to 14 years, in line with the United Nations Declaration of Indigenous Rights, and for First Nations languages to be taught in schools.

Liberty Victoria joins the voices of condemnation of the behaviour exhibited by the Hon Dyson Heydon AC QC in relation to six female complainants.

All humans have the right to be treated equally, with dignity and respect. Sexual harassment is a breach of those fundamental rights, unlawful and unacceptable.

Liberty Victoria joins the voices of condemnation following the results of an independent High Court inquiry into the behaviour exhibited by the Hon Dyson Heydon AC QC in relation to six female complainants.

Women are frequently sexually harassed and assaulted at work and are entitled to feel safe and to effective protection against those and all other forms of discrimination.

Inquiry into the Migration Amendment (Prohibiting Items in Immigration Detention Facilities) Bill 2020

No compelling case has been put forward by the Government to justify the proposed amendments and they are entirely unnecessary and disproportionate;

The amendments would provide the Minister with an unjustifiably broad personal power to prohibit anything he or she personally wished to specify, including items that pose no specific threat;

Liberty Victoria calls for the Government's urgent intervention on behalf of Australian democracy activist

Liberty Victoria calls for the Government's urgent intervention on behalf of Mr Chaun Van Kham, an Australian democracy activist who has been jailed in Vietnam since January 2019. Mr Kham was prevented from seeing a lawyer for eight months. His trial involved five other defendants, prohibited family within the courtroom and lasted only four and a half hours. He was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment.

We must support refugees and asylum seekers if we are to “get through this together”

Peter Dutton is using his God-like powers to block refugees and asylum seekers from accessing government-funded, income support, public healthcare and safe housing. We are calling on Peter Dutton to #liftthebar and protect these vulnerable people during a public health emergency.

Liberty Victoria strongly condemns serious breach of privacy by Victoria Police

Liberty Victoria strongly condemns the serious breach of privacy by Victoria Police that has led to images of a former AFL player being published by the media and circulated online. 

Victorians should feel confident that their privacy will be protected by Victoria Police when they interact with police.

The release of the photos, which include a mug shot and photographs of sensitive Victoria Police records, is a serious violation of Laidley’s human rights, and will likely impact public confidence in Victoria Police’s approach to privacy.