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Public housing residents continue to be fearful one year on that the hard lockdown could happen again: Human rights and community lawyers, supported by local community organisations, urgently seek...
July 2, 2021
Press Release
Liberty Victoria spokesperson and public law barrister, Gemma Cafarella, says if police have access to check-in data it damages confidence in the system. “Allowing police access means people might...
June 22, 2021
Liberty Victoria in the News
Greg Buchhorn, a lawyer and policy committee member of civil rights group Liberty Victoria, said the broad State of Emergency laws have resulted in some extreme intrusions on individual rights, such...
June 15, 2021
Liberty Victoria in the News
Buy Premium Wines Here The Voltaire Awards Committee are working hard behind the scenes, organising our live online webinar awards presentation and Q and A panel with recipients.  We will be...
June 10, 2021
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No work rights, no study rights, no access to Medicare. That's the situation facing a number of asylum seekers who are being denied access to bridging visas while they await claims for permanent...
May 4, 2021
Liberty Victoria in the News
The Right Honourable Tony Benn MP once famously remarked ‘the way a government treats refugees is very instructive because it shows you how they would treat the rest of us if they thought they could...
May 3, 2021
Press Release
Some advocates are also questioning whether the ban could potentially be a violation of Australia's international law obligations. "The section that the minister has made the emergency direction...
May 2, 2021
Liberty Victoria in the News
"There is a very big difference between people wanting to hand over photos of their weekend via Instagram and giving very sensitive information to government in a way that could be used against them...
April 22, 2021
Liberty Victoria in the News
They are trying to establish the federal government has a ‘duty of care’ in protecting future generations from the climateaggedon.  Featuring Liberty Victoria's very own Sr Brigid Arthur.
March 5, 2021
Liberty Victoria in the News
Eight teenagers and an octogenarian nun head to an Australian court on Tuesday to launch what they hope will prove to be a landmark case – one that establishes the federal government’s duty of care...
March 2, 2021
Liberty Victoria in the News