Inquiry into whistleblower protections in the corporate, public and not -for-profit sectors

A lot of what we know about the harm being caused by our immigration policies comes from whistleblowers. However, many stay silent, deterred from speaking out. Their silence is harmful. It is harmful to those in our care and to our democracy. Here is the submission YLLR made to the Senate Inquiry into Whistleblowing.

Human rights group backs doctors on whistleblowing

A human rights group has swung behind doctors who want the right to disclose what happens in detention centres.

Doctors for Refugees has filed a High Court challenge to the secrecy provisions in the Australian Border Force Act, contending that the laws inappropriately curtail people’s freedom to participate in political communication around conditions and care in detention.

Liberty Victoria welcomed this critical development. 

New report finds: ‘What we don't know, can hurt us’

Young Liberty for Law Reform, a program of one of Australia’s leading civil liberties organisations, Liberty Victoria, released a report today shining a light on a dark corner of our democracy. The report recommends fundamental and urgent changes to the laws that apply to whistleblowers in our immigration system, and calls on the Commonwealth Government to end a culture of secrecy.