Sex Offenders Scheme both costly and unnecessary

Liberty Victoria labelled the opposition’s proposed plan to allow concerned parents access to photographs and other details of sex offenders "an unnecessary and costly scheme that would have no impact on the rates of sexual offences in Victoria."  

Liberty Victoria President Jessie Taylor dismissed the proposal as “an irrational and expensive attempt to make political gain out of a highly emotive issue without reference to any available evidence.”

Sex Offenders Registration Amendment (Miscellaneous) Bill 2017

In relation to the Sex Offenders Registration Amendment (Miscellaneous) Bill 2017, we repeat our previous criticisms of the sex offenders registration regime made in our submission on the Sex Offenders Registration Amendment Bill 2016.

In that submission we noted that there are at least three foundational problems with the current system of sex offender registration in Victoria:

(a)    The expanding number of registrants;