Refugees and asylum seekers

Human rights group backs doctors on whistleblowing

A human rights group has swung behind doctors who want the right to disclose what happens in detention centres.

Doctors for Refugees has filed a High Court challenge to the secrecy provisions in the Australian Border Force Act, contending that the laws inappropriately curtail people’s freedom to participate in political communication around conditions and care in detention.

Liberty Victoria welcomed this critical development. 

Conditions and Treatment of Asylum Seekers and Refugees at the Regional Processing Centres in the Republic of Nauru and Papua New Guinea

Liberty Victoria has consistently raised concerns about the deleterious effect that offshore detention has on the human rights and well-being of asylum seekers, and of the Australian government’s outsourcing and obfuscation of its responsibilities under both domestic and international law.[1]

Inquiry into the Migration Amendment (Character Cancellation Consequential Provisions) Bill 2016

Liberty Victoria would have preferred the opportunity to provide a more detailed submission but the time frame allowed for their provision was impossibly short. We hope that in future more time is allowed to make submissions on such important issues.

In general terms, Liberty Victoria opposes aspects of the Bill.

An Open Letter to the Attorney General, the Hon Nicola Roxon

There are currently over 50 people in immigration detention in Australia who have been found to be refugees but have received adverse security assessments from the Australian Security and Intelligence Organisation (ASIO). These are people who the Minister for Immigration accepts are entitled to our protection, but they face the prospect of remaining in detention for life because of the ASIO assessments. The number of people who have received adverse ASIO assessments has increased dramatically in recent years.