Dangers in some Victorian Government parole proposals

Changes proposed for the state’s parole system threaten to make the community less safe, Liberty Victoria warned today.

“We strongly agree with some proposals for Parole reform while there are others that we firmly oppose,” said Liberty President Jane Dixon SC. “We take issue with the premise that community safety is to be achieved through refusing a greater number of applicants for parole. This will result in those prisoners serving longer periods of imprisonment and consequently having a shorter period of supervision on parole.”

Justice for Corinna Horvath is long overdue

Liberty Victoria welcomes the decision of the United Nations Human Rights Committee in Horvath v Australia (1885/2009).

“This case demonstrates that justice in Victoria is hollow when it comes to the accountability of the police force,” said Liberty Victoria President, Jane Dixon QC today.

In 2001, Corinna Horvath was found by the County Court of Victoria to have been horrifically assaulted and then falsely imprisoned by members of Victoria Police.