Victorian Police Minister proposed laws to ban masks at protests

The Victorian Police Minister has foreshadowed laws to ban masks at protests. There have been reports that such laws may be of two kinds:

2016 Census

Liberty Victoria has in recent days been contacted by a number of persons concerned about the 2016 Census and the privacy implications for them.


Danger of census facts leaking, Liberty Victoria warns

Information from next month’s census will be a “honeypot” for hackers, Liberty Victoria warned today.

“The safest way to keep data secure is not to retain it at all,” the human rights group said. “Information security can no longer be guaranteed.”

There are increasingly frequent instances of serious data breaches of personal information held by both government[i] and business.

Privacy Policy

Protecting and respecting your personal information is important to us. This policy sets out how Liberty Victoria handles your personal information. 

What personal information we collect from you 

The personal information we may collect from you will depend on the particular circumstances.  

Privacy Amendment (Notification of Serious Data Breaches) Bill 2015

The draft Privacy Amendment (Notification of Serious Data Breaches) Bill proposes to make amendments to the Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act) to introduce mandatory data breach notification provisions for regulated agencies, organisations and other entities (entities).

Drones and privacy: Unlikely partners call on Australia to get ahead of the technology horizon during Privacy Week

Is it legal for a neighbour to fly a drone over your backyard? Can you stop someone filming you from above at the beach? Answers to such questions are sought by the unmanned systems industry and human rights community through clear national law reform.
To mark Privacy Awareness Week, Liberty Victoria and the Australian Association for Unmanned Systems (AAUS) today detailed plans for reform in order to resolve these questions and tackle growing concern about the right to privacy at a time of increased private drone use.