RAP: Chip in to update Myki Fines

In April 2016, Liberty Victoria's Rights Advocacy Project (RAP) launched www.mykifines.org.au, an interactive website that helped people understand their rights when faced with a myki fine. At the time, people had to choose between a $75 on-the-spot penalty fare (that could not be challenged) or $229 fine (that could be challenged). After the launch last year, the Victorian government changed the public transport infringement system for the better, removing on-the-spot penalty fares and changing their internal review policies.

Unfortunately, that means the website is out of date, and your help is needed to update it. This will help to ensure people know and can assert their rights when faced with a fine. 

RAP have secured a grant from the Victoria Law Foundation to help update and relaunch Myki Fines, but another $2,000 is needed to complete the project.

Can you Chip in to update Myki Fines?