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  • Presidents Report: A Survey of the Year Ahead
  • Upcoming Event: The Human Rights Arts and Film Festival 2011
  • Past Presidents Report: Liberty Victoria in 2010
  • Refugee Laws: Offshore Processing. Procedural Fairness and the Rule of Law. 
  • Cultural Freedoms: Harmony Day
  • Music: The Key of Sea
  • Mandatory Filtering: Fade to Black
  • Politics: 'Moving Forward' on Moving Children out of Detention?
  • Policy: Liberty Victoria's Policy on Internet Censorship
  • Exhibition: Smuggled to Safety. 10 April 2011



  • Presidents Report: The Leadership Deficit
  • Upcoming Event: Alan Missen Oration
  • Refugees: People Smugglers: Friend or Foe?
  • Policy: Asylum Seekers: A Response to the PM
  • Mandatory Filtering: Fade to Black
  • Policy: Internet Censorship
  • Electoral Challenge: The Fight for the Franchise
  • Free Speech: The 2010 Voltaire Award Dinner


  • Presidents report: Strengthening Liberty
  • Human Rights: Yet another backflip
  • Refugees: Asylum policy backsteps
  • Privacy: Beware the privacy privateers
  • Law Reform: The Equal Opportunity Act 2010
  • Precedent: Starting a dialogue
  • Political Arts: Human rights film looks for support
  • Guest Speaker Series: Human rights in South Africa today


November-December 2009

September-October 2009

July-August 2009

  • President's report: Liberty beyond Voltaire
  • Update: Give me the gist of it
  • Human Rights Act: Nothing less
  • Prisoners' rights: Rights lost in transit
  • Disability rights: Dignity, autonomy, privacy
  • Free speech: Storm in a teacup
  • Law reform: Human trafficking
  • United Nations: Australia’s report card

May-June 2009

  • President's report: The gist of Liberty
  • Freedom of religion: Equality and religion
  • Sporting Bill: Free speech at sporting events
  • Royal Commissions: Ensuring independence
  • Surveillance inquiry: Under surveillance
  • Freedom of religion: Free speech and communal conflict
  • Domestic violence: The duty to protect
  • Civic education: Understanding human rights

March-April 2009

  • President's report: "It's time to write in our rights" - Michael Pearce SC
  • Internet filtering: "The dangers of censorship" - Larry Stillman
  • Nicolaides case: "An attack on free speech" - Joshua Bernshaw
  • Getting involved: "Volunteering for Liberty" - Philippa Briglia
  • Law reform: "Spent convictions" - Aggy Kapitaniak
  • Report: "Australia's right to know?" - Georgia King-Siem

January-February 2009

  • President's report: "2009: the year ahead" - Michael Pearce SC
  • Haneef inquiry: "Have any lessons been learned?" - Georgia King-Siem
  • Rights consultation: "The rights way forward" - Spencer Zifcak
  • Abortion law reform: "Time to remove another unjust policy" - Anne O'Rourke
  • Human rights treaties: "Australia under review" - Rachel Ball
  • Secrecy inquiry: "Opening up government" - Georgia King-Siem

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