Review of the Victorian Charter of Human  Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006 (Vic)

Update: the charter review report was tabled in the Victoria Parliament 14th September 2011.


Background to the review and Liberty Submission

On the 19 April 2011, the Victorian Attorney General, Robert Clark, announced an inquiry into the charter would be conducted by the Scrutiny of Acts and Regulations Committee (SARC). Submissions to this inquiry closed 1 July 2011. The SARC committee is considering all submissions and all aspects of the Charter since it commenced operation in 2007, including the matters listed for review in section 44 of the Charter. 

View the SARC Terms of Reference here

After taking into account the findings and recommendations of the SARC inquiry, the Victorian Government will decide whether any changes need to be made to the Act.

We thank everyone who has made a submission to the inquiry

Liberty Victoria's submission may be viewed HERE. As an appendix to our Submission we attached the Model Human Rights Bill prepared for the National Human Rights Consultation in 2009. This may be viewed HERE

Liberty Victoria's submission to the National Human Rights Consultation Process in 2009 may be viewed HERE.

We thank our members as well as all the concerned citizens who took part in this process, and urge you to remain involved in our ongoing campaign for human rights in Australia. We also encourage you to send this information on to anyone you believe may be interested, and to join Liberty Victoria and support the very important work we do. .