Time to write in human rights

CharterOn the 15 June 2009 Liberty Victoria lodged its submission to the National Human Rights Consultation. Liberty Victoria commends the government for conducting the National Human Rights Consultation to determine how best ot protect human rights in Australia. 

Liberty Victoria believes that the Commonwealth Government  should now proceed to enact a Human Rights Act for Australia.  The Commonwealth Government should embrace the protection not just of civil and political rights but also the protection of economic, social and cultural rights.

The adoption of an Australian Human Rights Act is imperative, even though it must be frankly admitted that it will make but a modest contribution to the many difficulties Liberty Victoria identifies in its submission.

According to recent news from the President of the National Human Rights Consultation, Father Frank Brennan, over 34,000 submissions were received by the Consultation. 

Liberty Victoria commends and recommends the following submissions:

  • Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission - Submission
  • Human Rights Act for Australia Campaign - Model Bill

For further information about the Consultation process and to view public submissions to the National Human Rights Consultation visit the Consultation website.

Liberty Victoria would like to thank the members who submitted their submissions via the Liberty webite.