"Liberty Victoria have noted that a public notification scheme is likely to open the door to vigilantism and appears ignorant of the many conditions currently placed on registered sex offenders."
February 19, 2018
Liberty Victoria in the News
"Liberty Victoria has also criticised the proposal, with president Jessie Taylor dismissing the proposal as “an irrational and expensive attempt to make political gain out of a highly emotive issue...
February 13, 2018
Liberty Victoria in the News
Liberty Victoria labelled the opposition’s proposed plan to allow concerned parents access to photographs and other details of sex offenders "an unnecessary and costly scheme that would have no...
February 12, 2018
Press Release
August 22, 2017
Liberty Victoria in the News
In relation to the Sex Offenders Registration Amendment (Miscellaneous) Bill 2017, we repeat our previous criticisms of the sex offenders registration regime made in our submission on the Sex...
May 31, 2017
Liberty Victoria opposes the enactment of the Serious Sex Offenders (Detention and Supervision) Amendment (Community Safety) Bill 2016 (Vic) (“the Bill”). The principal issue is whether the measures...
April 18, 2016
Liberty Victoria is opposed to the Bill which: Fails to provide registrants with the same important protections that are provided by the Serious Sex Offenders (Detention and Supervision) Act 2009 (...
March 29, 2016