Waffle Irongirl

Fearless Voices Slam Poet

Waffle Irongirl was born with three given names in two languages.  All have been miss-spelt or mispronounced.  So she is obsessed with the names of things but can’t remember the names of people. Once upon a time, she accidentally attended a fiction class where she was astounded to be encouraged to make things up.  

She found her heart-home among poets, story-tellers and other recalcitrants at the Grubstreet creative writing centre in Boston.  Her encounter with spoken word at a Melbourne bar picked her up by the scruff of the neck, rattled her certainties and declared, “Speak!”  

She has a story featured in the anthology “Dirty Little Numbers: Erotic Stories” published by Go Deeper Press and her poetry has been included in the audio journal “Audacious 4”.  

She has featured at spoken word events across Melbourne including Mother Tongue, Griffinspeak, Owl & Cat, Passionate Tongues and La Mama Poetica.  She once colonised the kitchen sink in Scott Wing’s immersive theatre event, “Debris”. 

She now writes and performs flash-fiction and poetry about wind chimes, waffle-irons and other morsels.


Liberty Victoria presents Fearless Voices at The Thornbury Theatre 2 pm on Sunday 1 October.

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Waffle Irongirl