Voltaire Award – Magda Szubanski

Voltaire Award Dinner 2018

Voltaire Award Winner

Magda Szubanski is one of Australia’s most popular actors and a prominent activist.

Magda has topped off an astonishing year by being honoured for her work for marriage equality. Her drive, warmth and humanity played a significant part in Australia voting for marriage equality.

Magda rose to national prominence in the hit TV comedy series Kath & Kim and has appeared in numerous award-winning films and shows. After coming out on national television in 2012, Magda threw herself into the marriage equality campaign, lobbying leaders, making frequent appearances and addressing rallies in support of marriage equality.  Magda’s courage, and her fight for love and acceptance of LGBTI+ people has given hope to many, and has brought a light and positivity to the marriage equality campaign.  Her candid, multi-award-winning book, Reckoning, has been a beacon to many, including LGBTI+ people and their families.

The Voltaire Award Dinner 2018

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