Soreti Kadir

Fearless Voices Slam Poet

Soreti is an Oromo poet, musician and community organiser currently based on un-ceded Kulin Nations land. 

Her artistry is a method of story and truth telling. Her performance style is riveting, leaving audiences in an abyss of empowerment and contemplation. What she speaks on evolves with her but is rooted in a focus on identity, justice, equity and freedom. 

She has performed her work all across Kulin Nation lands and in numerous other places across so-called Australia. 

In 2015 she self published her book of poetry "Siyaanne" and 2016 saw her make the move into music. The future is sure to be an exciting expression of Soreti’s multiple, growing, artistic disciplines.

Liberty Victoria presents Fearless Voices at The Thornbury Theatre 2 pm on Sunday 1 October.

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Soreti Kadir