Rights group flays Refugee life ban

Rights group flays

Refugee life ban

The human rights group Liberty Victoria has condemned the Federal Government's decision to ban any asylum seeker who has attempted to reach Australia.

Liberty president George Georgiou SC said, "This is is total overreach. It  ignores the fact that the government's offshore detention policy is failing and in disarray.

"Clearly there is massive pressure coming from the many legal actions under way, the evidence from brave whistleblowers willing to talk about their experiences and looming inquiries."

Mr Georgiou said the ban could be seen as an attempt to "wedge" politicians and distract from the humanitarian disaster that is offshore detention. 

"As we have advocated before, the only ethical, viable and decent solution is to bring them here for humane, civilised checks on claims to refugee status."


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Liberty Victoria President, George Georgiou SC