Liberty Victoria's Rights Advocacy Project

It is my great pleasure to announce today the launch of the brand new site  for Liberty Victoria's Rights Advocacy Project.

RAP (previously known as Young Liberty for Law Reform) is a project of which Liberty Victoria is very proud. We have taken immense pride in developing, training and mentoring dozens of outstanding up-and-coming human rights advocates, and the work they have achieved since the launch of YLLR in 2013 is simply outstanding.  

RAP's work has all the hallmarks of effective cutting-edge advocacy: it is innovative, it is fresh, it is strategic, it is well-communicated and it does not reinvent the wheel.

Check out the new site. Marvel at the work they have done, the scale of their ideas, and the innovation of their execution.  

Get involved in RAP and Liberty Victoria to make a real contribution to human rights and civil liberties. 

Liberty Victoria welcomes this new chapter in the life of the Rights Advocacy Project. We are very excited to see what RAP has in store for 2017/2018. 

Warm regards,

Jessie Taylor
Liberty Victoria