Covid-19 and Human Rights

Liberty Victoria supports and applaud the efforts of government and medical experts at all levels working to take urgent action to save lives and protect our community.  We acknowledge that extraordinary steps are required to meet an extraordinary crisis.  We will continue our role in protecting and defending human rights and civil liberties by monitoring the introduction and enforcement of measures during this time. 

It is our view that we should support all legitimate actions while continuing to be alert to the risk of overreach or excessive intervention in rights of all people, whom these critical measures are ultimately intended to protect.


For those interested in the legal basis for the powers used by State and Federal authorities, the following links provide explanations.

Victorian Government: Scroll down to "Directions issued by the Chief Health Officer"  

Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 (Vic) which provide emergency powers -see Media release

Federal Powers are covered by the Biosecurity Act - See the Federal Emergency Response Plan for the Covid-19 Virus  

Liberty Victoria will continue to scrutinise how this legislation and powers are implemented against human rights principles: proportionality, effectiveness, necessity—and respect for freedom, equality and dignity.