Voltaire Award Dinner 2014

Liberty Victoria was proud to present the 2014 Voltaire Award Dinner.

Award Recipient: Yu Lipski
Music: Valanga Khoza
Master of Ceremonies: Toby Halligan

What a wonderful evening! And what a deserving recipient! On Saturday 9 August we celebrated free speech with Award recipient Yu Lipski and highlighted the courage of the whistle-blower and human decency.

Ms Lipski is the interpreter whose phone call to media triggered a coronial inquiry into the death of Gong Ling Tang soon after his release from Dandenong police station. Liberty Victoria President Jane Dixon QC said that both in how Ms Lipski tried to protect Mr Tang and then revealed why she had to act was whistle-blowing in its truest sense.

Thank you to everyone who came along and made it such a fun and special night - and of course our wonderful MC, Toby Halligan and beautiful music of Valanga Khoza.

Thank you too to our very generous sponsors.

You can read more about Ms Lipski in our press release on http://libertyvictoria.org/VoltaireAward2014

2014 Voltaire Award invitation

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Saturday 9 August 2014
San Remo Ballroom 365 Nicholson St Carlton North